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Stitch Sampler Bag CAL Part 1

Welcome to part 1! Please join the "Crochet-A-Long with Us!" Facebook group so you can show off your projects, get help, & win prizes!

NOTES: This bag is made up of 3 different stitch patterns designed by me and one of my favorite self designed handles. The bag is worked bottom up and finished off by attaching the handles with wooden rings. Finished measurement of the bag portion is approximately 12” long by 13” wide. Here is the link for the exact rings I used in making this pattern: Natural Wood Ring Assortment

If you didn't already grab your supplies, here's what you will need to get started......


Big Twist Value Yarn(approx. 345 yds total) or any other WW4 yarn you like

CA = Color A = Cream(approx. 150 yds)

CB = Color B = Sage(approx. 110 yds)

CC = Color C = White(approx. 85 yds)

I(Boye 5.25 mm) Hook

J(Boye 5.75 mm) Hook



2 x 44mm Wooden Rings

1- 3/4” Button

Abbreviations(US Terms):

SK = Skip

sts = Stitches

ST = Stitch

SL= Slip Stitch

CH = Chain

SC = Single Crochet

HDC = Half Double Crochet

DC = Double Crochet

FBL = Front Bottom Loop

BLO = Back Loop Only

FP = Front Post



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- SPREAD THE WORD!! Please tell your crochet loving friends so they can get in on this CAL too!! You can share posts from my Facebook page.


Let's begin with something simple.

For this part we will just start off with the base portion of our bag.

To begin CH 45 with CA & your I(5.25 mm) Hook

ROW 1: place 2 HDC in 2nd CH from the hook, HDC in the next 42 sts, place 3 HDC in the last ST, rotate to work along the bottom of your starting CH, HDC in the next 42 sts, place an additional HDC in the same CH as your first 2, SL to your beginning HDC to connect (90)

ROW 2: CH 1(does not count as a ST), place 3 HDC in the first ST, HDC in the next 44 sts, place 3 HDC in the next ST, HDC in the last 44 sts, SL to your beginning HDC to connect (94)

ROWS 3: CH 1(does not count as a ST), HDC in the first ST, place 2 HDC in the next ST, HDC in the next 46 sts, place 2 HDC in the next ST, HDC in the last 45 sts, SL to your beginning HDC to connect (96)

Come back tomorrow, May 9th, after 9 am(EST) for our first stitch pattern design, the Caylen Stitch!

DON'T FORGET to check out this month's

By taking part in this CAL you agree to the terms of use for Regina P Designs' patterns:

  • All Regina P Designs Patterns are for personal use only.

  • You are free to do as you wish with the finished products made from this pattern with the agreement that Regina P Designs will be credited for the pattern itself.

  • It is prohibited to: reproduce, copy(including screenshots), publish(in any Form including video) or distribute this pattern, its parts or photos in any way or form, including translations into foreign languages.

Thank you,

Regina P.

©Copyright 2023, Regina P Designs All Rights Reserved. All Content Copyright and other rights reserved by Regina P Designs. No Content May Be Duplicated Without Express Written Consent.

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