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JULY 2024 Feature Pattern

Mushroom Ornament

Created by Regina P Designs

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Any WW4/Aran/10 Ply Yarn(approx. 22 yds total)

G(Boye 4.25 mm) Hook



Wooden Bead(20mm-optional)

Jute Twine(or any other string for hanging)

Abbreviations(US Terms):

sts = Stitches

ST = Stitch

SL= Slip Stitch

CH = Chain

SC = Single Crochet

HDC = Half Double Crochet

NotesFinished mushroom should measure approximately 2.5” tall and 2” wide at the base of the cap. These little cuties would make great ornaments, but also a great magnet, pin or key chain accessory. Or you could also make a bunch and attach them to some cute fairy lights for a nice little home decor garland too.


To begin CH 6

(back)HDC in the 2nd CH from your hook & in the next 4 chains, (front) CH 7, HDC in the 2nd CH from your hook and in the next 4 chains.

Mushroom Ornament tutorial picture 1

Now fold your two pieces so that they lay with your front panel on top of your back panel, wrong sides together.

Mushroom Ornament tutorial picture 2

Line up your stitches. Working through both panels at the same time, place 2 SC in the end of the row, SC 5, place 2 SC in the end of the row, SC 5, SL to your beginning SC. Cut & tie off. Leave your tails to use as stuffing in the mushroom cap.

Mushroom Ornament tutorial picture 3


create a magic ring to begin

ROW 1: place 4 HDC in the magic ring, pull your ring shut(4)


ROW 2: CH 1(does not count as a ST) & turn, place 2 HDC in the 1st ST, HDC in the next 2 sts, 2 HDC in the last ST(6)

ROW 3: CH 1(does not count as a ST) & turn, place 2 HDC in the 1st ST, SC in the next 4 sts, 2 HDC in the last ST(8)


ROWS 4&5: CH 1(does not count as a ST) & turn, HDC in the 1st ST, SC in the next 6 sts, HDC in the last ST(8 each row)


Cut & tie off your back panel.

Create a 2nd exactly the same for your front panel but leave a long tail when your cut & tie off.

Mushroom Ornament tutorial picture 4

Lay your front panel on top of your back panel wrong sides together and use your long tail to hand stitch the 2 panels together up over the top to the other end of ROW 5.

Mushroom Ornament tutorial picture 5
Mushroom Ornament tutorial picture 6
Mushroom Ornament tutorial picture 7

STOP here and stuff all of your tails inside the cap, insert the top of your stem(& the tails) inside the cap. Continue sewing across the bottom through 2 layers of the cap, then 3 layers which include the stem, then 2 layers of the cap again. Cut & tie off once you reach your starting point of the seam again. Weave in your tail a bit and hide it inside.

Mushroom Ornament tutorial picture 8
Mushroom Ornament tutorial picture 9
Mushroom Ornament tutorial picture 10

Use a strand of twine or whatever you like to create a hanger. Attach a bead to the hanger to add a little something extra. Feel free to add a magnet or pin to the back instead, or add a key ring for your keys!

Mushroom Ornament tutorial picture 11
Mushroom Ornament tutorial picture 12
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