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Updated: Sep 7, 2023

I had the privilege of collaborating with my favorite(and the absolute cutest) designer the other day. My amazing 10-year-old daughter is determined to follow in her momma's footsteps. She comes up with some amazing ideas!! She writes them, then I help her type them, edit them, test them, and make suggestions to help them be easier to follow.

Our town holds an annual(when there isn't a pandemic shutting it down) market where local makers gather together to sell our wares and donate a portion of our sales to the organization chosen for that year. It's an absolute Joy to be a part of this ministry and this year my little one has decided she would like to use her talents to help out too. She created these adorable little "Prayer Buddy" friends to sell at the market.


After a few days of making these little guys, she showed up pattern in hand and asked for my help so she would have an actual pattern to follow to make them all the same. She has handed me many patterns in the past, most I really needed help deciphering them. I was so excited to see this one!! She has grown leaps and bounds in her writing and I got that warm fuzzy mommy pride feeling.


Besides her stitch counts being off and a few simplifying suggestions it was pretty spot on to an actual pattern! We set off to typing it up. Now this isn't her first actual typed up pattern. She did one a while back for a cute little bow, so she already had a template to work from for this one.


I began the testing process as we wrote it up and in a short time I had my own little buddy that looked just like hers. She asked me to ask my "famous friends"(if you are a designer you are apparently famous) to test the pattern for her. They graciously accepted the challenge.


After these cute little guys made it through the testing process she asked me to share the pattern on my blog. Of course I couldn't say no to such an amazing creation, not to mention her adorable face.

Here's what you'll need to get started.....


Bernat Blanket Yarn(approx. 25 yds)

L (8 mm) Hook



Safety Eyes



CH = Chain

ST = Stitch

SC = Single Crochet

INV DEC = Invisible Decrease: Insert your hook into the front loop of the next ST, Insert your hook into the front loop of the next ST, YO & pull through 2, YO & pull through 2

Finished Buddy should measure about 13" around and 3.5" tall

To begin create a MR, working in a continuous round

ROUND 1: place 8 SC in a magic ring

ROUND 2: place 2 SC in each ST around(16)

ROUND 3: repeat round 1 (32)

ROUNDS 4-9: place 1 SC in each ST around(32)

STOP! Add your eyes between rounds 6 & 7 now. One eyeball about 3 sts in from your first ST, skip 4 sts and place your 2nd eyeball.


ROUND 10+: repeat (SC, INV DEC) 18 times

STOP! Stuff it & make it squishy.


LEGS: fold in half, working through both sides together, place 3 SC in the first ST, SC across to the end(stop here for the chicken adaptation) and place 2 more SC in the last ST. Cut, Tie off & weave in your end.


The PDF of this pattern also includes these adorable little cards she made up to go with the buddy. She suggests printing them on cardstock & using a ribbon to tie the card to the buddy.



Find MORE from Cro-Shake and add favorite hearts to make her smile please!

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You can get the original "Prayer Buddy" PDF download HERE for FREE


You can make a donation to Cro-Shake's yarn stash by purchasing the pattern with the new Chicken Bonus for $5.00 HERE


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Please Share your finished projects in the Regina P Designs Official Group on Facebook(link below) so I can show her and make her smile!!

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Out of curiosity and with permission from the amazing creator I eliminated the last 2 stitches of the pattern and created this adorable chicken! Seriously just follow the pattern up to where you see the "(stop here for the chicken adaptation)" and tie off. Hide your tail inside & attach any WW4/aran/10ply red yarn to your final ST. Place 5 SC in that last ST & in the next to the last ST, SL in the same ST, cut, tie off & weave in your tails. Add an orange beak and a couple black eyes and you have a CHICKEN!!!!

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These are adorable! And how proud you must be to have your little one following in your footsteps.