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Hand Towel Hanger Crochet Pattern

Updated: Jan 26

So, to be completely honest with you all, I created these little do-dads out of laziness. My hottest sellers at shows have always been those cotton crocheted toppers on cute kitchen towels.

I got so bored making them I needed a quicker, just as popular item, to change up my view. Thankfully they were a total hit and continue to be to this day! People like the hanger option while being able to change their towel out as needed.

I'm in the process of restocking these little gems right now and decided to add them to my blog so you all can whip up a bunch too. Well, that and I've got a stack here that need the ends woven in and buttons added and I'm procrastinating.



Peaches & Creme Cotton(approx. 25 yds)

G(4.25 mm)Hook




Hair Elastic

Abbreviations(US Terms):

SK = Skip

sts = Stitches

ST = Stitch

SL= Slip Stitch

CH = Chain

SC = Single Crochet

Notes: You will begin by working around your hair elastic just like if you were working around a Magic Ring. You may need to add or subtract stitches to adapt to your specific elastic size. I use Belle brand elastics because they are sturdier. I recommend spending the money and getting quality ones so they don't break and ruin all your hard work.

ROUND 1: To begin place 40 SC around the elastic (or as many as you need to completely cover the elastic), SL to your beginning SC to connect

ROWS 2-17: CH 1(does not count as a ST) & turn, SC in the same and next 7 sts(8 total sts)

ROW 18: CH 1(does not count as a ST) & turn, SC in the first and next 2 sts, CH2/SK2, SC in the last 3 sts

ROW 19: CH 1(does not count as a ST) & turn, SC in the first and second sts, SK the next ST, place 4 SC in the CH 2 SP, SK the next ST, SC in the last 2 sts

TRIM: CH 1(does not count as a ST) & turn, SC in each ST across,

ROTATE to work down the side & place 1 SC in the side of each row, 1 SC in each remaining SC around the elastic, & 1 SC in the side of each row, SL to your first SC to connect. Cut, tie off, and weave in your ends. Finish by attaching your button.

If you have any questions about this pattern or any of the other patterns from Regina P Designs, or want to show off your finished projects with this pattern, please join our Facebook group.

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