Banshees cause me tension issues!!

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

So I did an experiment a few months back and thought I would share the results with you all. I have noticed in the past few years that my work seems to change size depending on many factors. It really seemed like my tension was affected by the time of day and my mood!! So I did an experiment with my mask mates to test this theory. I got out my I hook,

a new skein of cotton, and my mask mates pattern and away I went. I made my first one about an hour after I was rudely awakened from a wonderful dream by two fighting banshees in my living room(also known as my children arguing over the remote at 6 am). This apparently put me in a bad mood. It ended up being just over 3 inches long.

As the day progressed my mood improved thank goodness. Later that evening I sat down, put on a good show and my feet up. I sat there for a bit and then remembered my hypothesis. I grabbed up the same hook and skein of yarn and created another mask mate following the same pattern. The second one came out to be a half an inch longer!

I assumed there would be a slight difference but nothing this extreme. I recounted my stitches on both and they were exactly the same.

Now what?! Now when I am writing a pattern I make every attempt to match my mood and time of day throughout the entire process. Honestly though it takes quite a bit to ruffle my feathers these days, but those banshees ripping me from my happy dreams on rare occasions still get me.

I challenge you to test this theory out yourself!!

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