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Mesh Sweater

Mesh Sweater

This sweater is AMAZING!! Made to fit many different sizes. You will be working the main panels from side to side. This pattern is written for size medium/large, but can also fit small or Xlarge. Thanks to the mesh design of this pattern it will easily stretch to a larger size. If you wear a small but like your sweaters slightly baggy, or if you wear an extra large and like your sweater form fitting, then this pattern is just right.


I- Hook
G- Hook
2 Red Heart Super Saver Ombre Yarn
Lots of stitch markers


Abbreviations (US Terms):
CH= Chain
SC= Single Crochet
SK= Skip
SL= Slip Stitch
ST= Stitch
Gap= CH 5 gap
HDC= Half Double Crochet
DC= Double Crochet
FPDC= Front Post Double Crochet
BPDC= Back Post Double Crochet

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