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New Release Announcement-Little Gnome

So I finally broke down and decided to jump on the gnome wagon so to speak. To be honest gnomes freak me out, so I avoided them as long as possible. Probably some weird childhood trauma that involved a garden gnome, or something, wedged deep in my psyche, I really don't know, but something about them just bugs me.

This little guy was originally a snowman attempt that somehow looked like a gnome by the time I was almost finished so I just went ahead with it. I whipped up another with a different chenille yarn, gave him a gnomey nose, and poof I had a gnome.


My new release for this week is the Little Gnome crochet pattern!

Emery Pouch Pin Pic

The Mainstays white Cozy Chenille yarn I used in creating the snowman was a bit thicker than the Premier Basix Chenille yarn I used for the gnome, so the snowman ended up being just slightly larger in the end. I used the BERNAT brand velvet yarn, which is on the thinner side for a velvet yarn, to create both of the hats. The post stitches used in creating the hat give it quite a bit of stretch so it can easily adapt to whatever size you end up with, within reason that is.

Your finished project should measure about 15.5” around & 7” tall, depending on which yarn you use, your tension, and how much you stuff him.

Here's the full details:


Chenille(5 weight) yarn(approx. 50 yds) for the body

Bernat Velvet Yarn in Any Color for the hat(approx. 35 yds)

Any WW4/Aran/10Ply yarn in: brown(6 yds)or orange(3 yds) for the nose & white or brown(approx 5 yds)for the beard

H(5mm) Hook

L(8mm) Hook



Poly-Fil Stuffing

Abbreviations(US Terms):

SK = Skip

sts = Stitches

ST = Stitch

MR = Magic Ring

SL= Slip Stitch

CH = Chain

SC = Single Crochet

HDC = Half Double Crochet

DC = Double Crochet

SC2TOG = Single Crochet the next 2 stitches together

BP = Back Post

FP = Front Post

DON'T FORGET to check out this month's

Scoop up the ad free PDF of this pattern for $2.99 now from these locations and get started on your very own!!

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If you have any questions about this pattern or any of the other patterns from Regina P Designs, or want to show off your finished projects with this pattern, please join our Facebook group.

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