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Chicken Pierogies Crochet Pattern

When my dear friend told me she was going to feature chickens on her Christmas tree I just had to make up some special little accents to meet the theme!

Chicken Pierogies Pin Pic

So away I went with my most chickeny yarn in my stash. I freehanded this adorable little guy (forgetting to write down the pattern as my hook flew), and when I looked at what had appeared all I could think was "it's a pierogi"!



Then I had to recreate it just so I could write it down & the second one was actually a little cuter than the first. So here you go, a cute little chicken pierogi perfect for your Christmas Tree, or a magnet for your fridge, or a keychain, or whatever else you can think of to highlight them in the best way possible.

Here's what you'll need to get started.......


Red heart Super Saver Aran Fleck(approx. 12 yds total)

a couple yards of any red, orange & black ww4/aran/10ply yarns for accents

H(5mm) Hook



Jute twine, magnet, or key chain (optional)

Abbreviations(US Terms):

SK = Skip

sts = Stitches

ST = Stitch

SL= Slip Stitch

CH = Chain

SC = Single Crochet

HDC = Half Double Crochet

NOTES: Feel free to use any WW4/Aran/10ply you like to create these little ornaments. Finished chicken should measure approx. 3” tall by 3.25” wide.

To begin CH 3

ROW 1: place 3 HDC in the 3rd CH from your hook(4 counting your skipped CHs as a ST)

ROW 2: CH 2(counts as a ST) & turn, HDC in the first ST, 2 HDC in the next 2 sts, 2 HDC in the top of the CH(8)

ROW 3: CH 2(counts as a ST) & turn, HDC in the first ST, 2 HDC in the next 5 sts, HDC in the next ST, HDC in the CH(14)

ROW 4(right side): CH 2(counts as a ST) & turn, HDC in the first ST, 2 HDC in the next 11 sts, HDC in the next ST, HDC in the CH(26)

Cut & tie off your first panel. Create a second panel exactly the same way but DO NOT cut. Continue onto the construction portion after completing both.

Chicken Pierogies pic 1

Place your working piece on top of your finished piece, wrong sides together. SC both panels together!

SC along the top (row ends) first then rotate to work around row 4, place 2 SC in the first ST,

Chicken Pierogies pic 2

SC 24 sts, hide your tails inside your chicken as you go,

CHANGE TO ORANGE, place 2 SC in the last ST,

CHANGE TO RED, working in the first ST of your construction portion place 2 SC & 1 HDC in the first ST, in the next ST work 1 HDC & 1 SC, then SL in the same ST, cut & tie off.

Chicken Pierogies pic 3

Weave in your ends and hide the tails inside your chicken. Add eyes however you like with the black yarn. I chose to do knots on both sides and hide the tails inside the chicken.

Add a Jute twine hanger to the center top to create an ornament, a magnet on the back for a chicken for your fridge, a key ring, or whatever you like to show off your creation.

Chicken Pierogies pic 4

These are so quick I created a whole flock in no time at all!! I will definitely be adding these to my craft show stock this year and probably for years to come.

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