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Freedom Wall Hanging Crochet Pattern

Updated: Jun 19

Looking for a little something to add to your summer decor this year? Check out this simple little accent you can whip up for FREE.

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Thanks to having some majorly amazing artists in my home and the need to proudly display their talent all over my walls, I am limited on decorating space. I like to add a little something holiday themed here and there. While putting away my spring items I realized I don't have much on hand for summer. Looking at the narrow blank area on my wall I came up with this cute little creation.

Since I didn't feel like digging in my yarn upstairs and I had a tote of Soft & Sleek scraps sitting next to me I went with that. Feel free to use any WW4/Aran/10ply yarn you have on hand. You'll just need about 10 yards of each in any shade of red, white, & blue. If you don't have any Jute Twine(which I grab at my local dollar store in the hardware section) you can use scraps for that portion too.

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Here's what you'll need to get started.......


Yarn Bee Soft & Sleek (approx. 30 yds)

any shades of red, white, & blue(10 yds each)

H(5mm) Hook



Jute Thread

Abbreviations(US Terms):

sts = Stitches

ST = Stitch

SL= Slip Stitch

CH = Chain

SP = Space

SC = Single Crochet

HDC= Half Double Crochet

DC = Double Crochet

FBL = Front Bottom Loop

DEC = Decrease

To begin CH 21 with Red,

ROW 1: SC in the 2nd CH from your hook and in each ST across(20)

ROWS 2: CH 1(does not count as a ST) & turn, HDC in each ST across(20)

Change to White

ROW 3: CH 1(does not count as a ST) & turn, FBL SC in each ST across(20)

ROW 4: CH 1(does not count as a ST) & turn, HDC in each ST across(20)

Change to Red


Change to White


Change to Red


TRIM, Change to Blue:

ROW 1: ROTATE to work along the row ends, CH1, SC in the end of each ROW(10), SC in the CH

ROWS 2-7: CH 1(does not count as a ST) & turn, SC in each ST across(11 sts)

ROW 8: CH 1(does not count as a ST) & turn, SC DEC, SC 7, SC DEC(9 sts)

ROW 9: CH 1(does not count as a ST) & turn, SC DEC, SC 5, SC DEC(7 sts)

ROW 10: CH 1(does not count as a ST) & turn, SC DEC, SC 3, SC DEC(5 sts)

Cut, tie off, & weave in your ends.

STAR, with White:

To Begin CH 4 and SL to your first CH to connect and create a loop.

ROUND 1: (Working into the loop not the sts) CH 3, 2 DC, CH 4, repeat[3 DC, CH 4] 4 times, SL to the top of your beginning CH 3 to connect

ROUND 2: Turn, repeat[working in to the CH 4 space(not the sts) place 3SC/CH2/3SC, SL into the 2nd DC] 5 times, SL to your very first SC to connect.

Cut, tie off, & weave in your ends.

Cut 3 strands of Jute twine(one 10” long and two 5” long).

freedom wall hanging pic 1

freedom wall hanging pic 2

Attach the longer piece to the top point chain space of your star for the hanger. Attach the bottom 2 point chain spaces of the star to the corresponding corners of your main panel with the other 2 shorter pieces of jute.

If you have any questions about this pattern or any of the other patterns from Regina P Designs, or want to show off your finished projects with this pattern, please join our Facebook group.

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