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Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Have you ever come across a design that just immediately makes you think "why didn't I think of that" OR "that's just plain genius" when you see it? Well I have and I want to share some of them with you. The links are located on the pictures to make them easier to find.

1. This first one is a huge hit in my house. It's a Squishimo invasion in here!! My 9 year old daughter insisted I buy her this pattern so she could make and I quote "a squishy dance party". She has made and gifted a few and is now in the process of filling orders for a ton more!! These things are so popular with young and old alike. Caleb over at Crafting at the Poole has so many other amazing patterns too. You've gotta check them out!!


2. Did you know that Freezie Pops are the best medicine for every childhood ailment under the sun? Well according to my children they are. Pretty sure my kids used to kill a tree a year each just from the paper towels or napkins they used to wrap around them. Not anymore!! I started making these things years ago out of my leftover scraps of cotton for my kiddos, then the neighborhood kids, then to order, and now I am never without a stock pile for sale. These are still one of my best sellers at every craft show I attend. Ashley over at Through The Loop Yarn Craft has a great pattern for these handy little tree savers!!


3. What's with all the FUR?!! Whoever created the first fo-fur pom-pom probably had no idea they would be flying off the shelves and onto millions of heads in 2020. Personally I can sew a quick hem if I am forced to, but would never attempt to create one of these fuzzy little monsters. Meghan over at Make With Meggie has solved my problem!! I can have pom-poms without the fur material mess with Lion Brand Go for Faux yarn and this great pattern!!


4. With the pumpkin craziness this year I have been on the hunt for something unique. I found this sneaky little bugger over at Hooked on Patterns. Ling Ryan created this adorable little guy perfect for hiding your candy stash. Not only is this thing absolutely adorable, but she is also sharing the pattern for FREE!!


5. Another one I really want to know who came up with originally is those awesome microwave bowl cozies!! I don't know how many times I've burnt myself, knowing full well that bowl was gonna be hot, but grabbed it anyway. There are a bunch of different patterns out there to choose from, but for some reason this one from Hayley Geary just calls to me. I think it's the awesome handles!


6. Every home should have one of these!! Come on isn't this the greatest thing?! I can't help but chuckle every time it pops up on my media platforms. THE LEGS BWAAHAA!!! Check out this genius creation by Connie over at Pippa Patterns Crochet.


7. This right here has changed my life! As a vertically challenged individual I have spent my entire life on the verge of decapitation. I can remember balling up my sweatshirt hood and stuffing it between my face and the seat belt in an attempt to keep it from torturing me for the entire ride. Who knew something so simple could make such a difference!!! Here's a great FREE pattern from Kylee Keller to try out!!


8. Okay I have to add one of my patterns to this list because it is one of my biggest sellers and I never leave home without it! No it's not my "Mask Mate" pattern, although that one must have been genius because it has sparked so many remakes over the past few months it boggles my mind!! I am in constant need of hydration, and my children never cease to tell me they are dying of thirst every time we leave the house. I created this nifty little thing out of necessity way back when my 3rd child was teeny tiny and hooked it to the diaper bag. Now it goes on my purse, or my belt loop. Book bags without those handy little mesh water bottle holders on the side are no longer a problem.


9. This one is smart and hilarious at the same time. I've seen a few different versions over the past couple years, but I have to say this one from Addicted 2 The Hook is my favorite. I can think of a couple family members who would Love one of these wine glass lanyards in their Christmas stockings this year!!


10. This is one of my favorites!! The Cellow Toes Cell Phone Pillow by Victoria Holcomb is a total must have right now. With the world having to turn completely digital for meetings and school, I was constantly trying to prop up my phone all over my house. It never failed to fall over at the worst times too! Do I even have to mention those toes!!! Victoria also has the Terrific Tetrahedron Tablet Pillow which my little ones have now deemed necessary when using their tablets.

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