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Updated: Dec 23, 2020

If you didn't get the memo yet, pocket shawls are the biggest thing since sliced bread right now. I myself have made more than I can remember and have designed a couple pocketed items too. There just seems to be something wonderful about being wrapped in a hug with pockets! I have gathered up a list of my favorites for all of you to check out.

The links for each one are on the pictures to make them easier to find.

I'll begin with mine and just get them out of the way.

1. My Elevated Pocket Shawl made with my Elevated Granny Stitch has been super popular and it just keeps selling like hot cakes! This stitch has some stretch in both directions making this pattern  a one size fits most shawl. You just adjust the pocket placement to your size, based on your wingspan, to make it your own personal perfect fit. 

2. My Elevated 3-in-1 Scarf is also made using my Elevated Granny Stitch and can easily be converted from a collared scarf, to a cowl, to a hood.  The added pockets aid in keeping those hands toasty warm in the colder months! Again, you just adjust the pocket placement to your size, based on your wingspan, to make it your own personal perfect fit. If I had to guess, I'd say this one was my super hero testers favorites, as they keep getting orders for more.

3. I can't get enough of tl.crochet's Boho Beaded Pocket Scarf Pattern!! Tracy Collins has some absolutely amazing pocket shawl patterns, but this one just blows me away. It just looks so snuggly and expensive. Yeah I may be fangirling a bit. You just have to check out this one and her other amazing pocket shawls.

4. Next up is the Cascade Pocket Shawl by Kathy Lutz. Seriously though just look at this thing!! It's absolutely gorgeous!! Those giant pockets and the diamond-esque openings are to die for. Kathy also has an amazing Sunflower Pocket Shawl that I totally recommend you check out.

5. Another design that I am just in love with is the Hubble Creek Pocket Shawl by Hannah Gerecke. I mean, doesn't this pattern just make you want a cool morning and a hot cup of coffee to enjoy the sunrise with? You need to check out Hannah's Etsy shop because she also has some of the cutest Ami patterns I have ever seen!

6. One word... WOW! The Lazy Diamond Boho Pocket Shawl by Crystal White-Van Cleemput just doesn't fit the mold of all the others that are hot right now. It's uniqueness just screams fashionista!! Can we just appreciate the delicate appearance of this one for a moment................ and those pockets!!

7. Another one I love, for many reasons, that doesn't fit the mold is the Pocket Scarf by Victoria Holcomb. This scarf has a secret hidden pocket to stash your goodies in. Another high point for me is it requires one of my favorite yarns.... Lion Brand Mandala!! I also absolutely adore Victoria as a designer and have had the privilege of testing for her in the past.

8. Last but not least I'm pulling out an oldy but a goody!! Lori Thompson has some absolutely amazing pocket scarves for the kiddos!! Her 3 Bears Pocket Scarf reminds me of a certain popular cartoon that all my kids enjoy watching together. She has a bunch of different animal designs to choose from too, so make sure you check them all out.

All photos belong to their respective owners. Thank you to these amazing designers for creating these wonderful patterns for all of us to enjoy!

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