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It's Always Better in Sweater Weather!!!

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

I am so excited to tell you all about my newest pattern the "Autumn Hugs Pullover"!! I set out to design a sweater that looked amazing, but was super simple to make. The most important part I feel of any design is finding the perfect stitch. So Goal #1 was to do just that.

After trying many different swatches that just didn't spark that "WOW" response from my inner voice, I finally found it in one of my own stitch patterns. CHECK!

I had the stitch and started pondering what to do with it. I am not a fan of seams, or having to attach a bunch of different parts as there are too many things that can go wrong and make me want to just throw away the whole creation. Goal #2 simplify it!! If I make a sweater in as few pieces as possible I can avoid all the things (and I'm sure I'm not the only one out there right?) I like to avoid when making something. 2 pieces, crocheted seams, with the collar, cuffs, and trim worked from the sweater out. CHECK!!

Now the process of actually getting those great ideas to work, Goal #3. Is it even possible to create such a simple pattern and have it look like it's some spectacular super hard designer piece? Out came the pencils, the notebooks, the measuring tape, sizing charts, crochet hooks, different yarns, stitch markers, ERASERS, my crazy. Hours of work and surprisingly not many problems later I was blown away with what I had accomplished. CHECK!!!

The testing process went so well!! Only a few problems yay, and a great response from my super hero team. To be completely honest though it wasn't until my fashionista 20 something daughter saw the sweater and tried to steal it (multiple times by the way) that I was truly convinced that i had reached goal #3.

Now that it is listed, I will patiently(that's a lie) wait for feedback, cross my fingers, and pray a lot more, I really want to design patterns that most everyone can follow and blow others away with their finished work. I hope you all love the "Autumn Hugs Pullover" and show off your awesome creations to everyone everywhere.


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