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Updated: Dec 15, 2022

Way back when, December of 2019 to be exact, I decided to challenge myself to release a new pattern every week in 2020. So far, I have managed to keep up with this crazy self-inflicted demand. I must admit though that there were a few weeks there, during the onset of lockdown, that I missed.

I have managed to make up for them by releasing a new Feature Free pattern along with a weekly pattern a few different months. Lots of prayers, tears, and triumphs have gone into making this happen. The most wonderful thing I have acquired through all of this has been the friendships I have made with the many testers on my ever growing Super Hero tester team.

Here are a few of my BIG HITS so far this year. These patterns have taken off and sold like hot cakes!! I am just so blown away by the response to these. I never once thought I would be creating patterns that HUNDREDS of people would adore. I thank God for every sale, every day, and for everyone of my buyers. Because of you I can continue to use the gifts I have been blessed with!


My biggest hit this year has been my "Mask Mates" pattern. This little idea came out of necessity. I had made them up for my kids and tried them out for a bit before I decided to share them with all of you. I really wanted to do something to help in the craziness of the pandemic, but I am terrible at sewing, so I knew masks were out. I thought putting out this pattern for free could help others like me to help too. The pattern just sat there for a bit and then BAM one day it had 11 downloads, a week later it had over 10,000!!!! Last time I looked it was at near 50,000!!! I still can't wrap my brain around that number to be completely honest. The pattern is available here and in my Ravelry store.


"Elevated Pocket Shawl"

This one was in the works way back in May. I decided to put it on the back burner when pocket shawls went bonkers though. I didn't want to look like a copycat to be completely honest. Then one day a friend of mine contacted me needing one. She had purchased one from another crafter and she just didn't like it, She asked me if I could make one that was actually long enough for her(she's 5'11") and wasn't so drafty, that just covered her arms to her shoulders instead of being "so awkwardly bulky". Funny thing is she was actually the 3rd person who had tried to get me to make them a pocket shawl to their liking. I had her try mine and she was over the moon happy that she found the perfect shawl. I caved and sent the pattern to my testers the next day. They loved it. I listed it. People loved it. Not a week has gone by since that I haven't sold at least a few of these patterns. Every time I make myself one someone buys it from me. Maybe someday I will actually get to keep one. You can find it here or in my Ravelry store.


"Pinwheel Blanket"

This one took a LOT of work to get just right. It actually started out as something completely different that then morphed into this absolutely amazing throw/baby blanket. I was trying to create something that didn't fit the normal mold. I got stuck on triangles for some reason. This blanket is covered in them. You've got little triangles that create big triangles. I shifted the middle just slightly to give it a twirl effect. This one is definitely not for beginners. Having an even tension is really important to get it to lay just right without having to block it. You can find it here or in my Ravelry store.


"Elevated 3 in 1 Scarf"

This one isn't on the list for pattern sales yet, however the scarves themselves are in high demand. I have sold a ton and my testers have too. I actually have a tester who has had to take a break from testing to fill orders for these and she just keeps getting more. Again, I created this one out of necessity. It gets REALLY cold here in the winters and I wanted something that covered all the bases. This scarf can also be a cowl and a hood!! Plus, my hands are always cold, so I had to add pockets of course. If you are looking for something to boost your sales, then give this one a try. You can find it here or in my Ravelry store.


18” Doll Simple Wrap Skirt

This one was one of my monthly Feature Free patterns that everyone loved! It's so simple and cute. My little ones needed one in every color for their dolls. I tried to make it adaptable to the many different sizes of each brand of 18" dolls out there. You can find the FREE download here or in my Ravelry store.


"Squishy Fishy"

This was another Feature Free pattern that went crazy. These silly little fish are made in one piece which means only one tail to weave in at the end! A returning customer of mine wanted some fish to use for a photo prop for a first birthday boy. I whipped up a few before I got it just right. These silly things make great stress balls. My children like to play some silly game they made up called "Flying Fish", which I do not understand the rules to and frankly I don't think they do either. Basically it has something to do with chucking them through the house, coming as close as possible to breaking something or hitting me, without actually getting in trouble. I did a video tutorial for the members of my Facebook group also. You can find it here by just joining the group. You can find the FREE download here or in my Ravelry store.


By using any Regina P Designs patterns, you agree to the terms of use:

All Regina P Designs Patterns are for personal use only.

  1. It is prohibited to: reproduce, copy, publish(in any Form including video) or distribute this pattern, its parts or photos in any way or form, including translations into foreign languages.

  2. You are free to do as you wish with the finished products made from these patterns with the agreement that Regina P Designs will be credited for the pattern itself.

Copyright 2021, Regina P Designs All Rights Reserved. All Content Copyright and other rights reserved by Regina P Designs.  No Content May Be Duplicated Without Express Written Consent.
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