These patterns are my most popular from years past. It's hard to believe it's only been a few years since I started actually selling my designs. I have been writing my own patterns for years, but never dreamed I would one day be sharing them let alone selling them to anyone. I had my own strange crochet shorthand that now I can't even decipher anymore.

One Skein Baby Blanket

This pattern was one of the very first patterns I created, had tested, and listed. At that time I really didn't think I could make anything people would actually want to recreate. I was so blessed to have another designer find it and blog about it, which brought in quite a few downloads. I wanted to create a blanket that was cute, but quick for those people who really need a last minute gift and only a small amount of yarn on hand. This blanket only takes 1 skein of Caron One Pound. I've actually gotten quite a bit of feedback on this one too. People just love it and have even adapted the pattern to create a bunch of different things from table runners to sweaters. You can get this baby blanket for FREE here or in my Ravelry store.

Heavenly Hosts Baby Blanket

I really enjoy making baby blankets. My next design is one of my own favorites too. I created this pattern in memory of our son. Every year, I try to create something inspired by him around the time of his death to help me cope. Crocheting has helped me cope with a lot of things over the years and kept me going. The idea of angels watching over our babes is very comforting to me and apparently it is to many others too. This pattern can be found here and in my Ravelry store.

4 Big Holiday Bouncy Buddies

These little guys were a huge hit at craft fairs for me. I decided to try to decipher my chicken scratch so others could also make a killing selling them. All 4 have the same basic body design base. The differences are in the color changes and additions to make them each very different. This pattern can be found here and in my Ravelry store.


Another BIG seller for me at spring shows has been these adorable bunny ear warmers. The pattern is written for kids, but the great thing about this pattern is you work sideways in short rows until you have the circumference size you need to fit whatever size you are wanting to make. Also, with the stitch used in creating the band portion you get some added stretchability too. This pattern can be found here and in my Ravelry store.


These guys sell amazingly year round, but are a huge hit in the spring! You get all 5 designs in this one pattern. Again, like the Big Buddies, they all have the same body base pattern. The chick is definitely my best seller, with the Bunny a very close runner up. This pattern can be found here and in my Ravelry store.

My goal for this year is to get some of my other Best Sellers written up, tested, and listed so that others can hopefully have as much success with selling their makes as I have.

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